General information of Japan

Information on of sapporo

Capital Sapporo City
Size 83,424.22 sqkm
Population 5,432,200 estimated 2014

Hokkaido prefecture is located the farthest to the north of Japan and is the only prefectural and city government that has “Do” on its name.
Hokkaido has many airports since it is quite large and also has several small islands which are easier to reach by air. International airports are New Chitose (CTS), Hakodate (HKD), Asahikawa (AKJ) and Kushiro (KUH).
Domestic airports are Memanbetsu (MMB), Obihiro (OBO), Okadama (OKD), Wakkanai (WKJ), Nakashibetsu (SHB), Monbetsu (MBE), Rishiri (RIS), Okushiri (OIR), and Rebun (RBJ).
It is possible to reach the JR Shin Aomori station (the north end of Honshu Island) from JR Tokyo station by Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train), but after that it takes more than 6 hours by express train to reach Sapporo (there is no bullet train to Hokkaido has no bullet trainyet), so, normally, people would fly to Sapporo.
Hokkaido is well known for its agricultural and fishery production, as well as mining, manufacturing, constructing, and a growing tourist business.