Coming to japan

Survey Trip

This is a concise and comprehensive program for those considering an assignment to Tokyo. It is designed to acquaint the assignee/family with general lifestyle information; community resources; housing and school options; answers to questions and concerns related to the move; and to convey the many opportunities associated with a Tokyo assignment.

Survey Trip Orientation
- Up to 2 hours with a Tokyo Orientations Consultant at the potential assignee's hotel. Consists of a presentation of our Information Kit, addressing questions and concerns, and providing information on: Introduction on Japan and Tokyo (arrival city)
- Transportation, Mapping out the City, Subways, Buses
- School Options
- Neighborhoods (pros and cons of various areas for Expatriates)
- The Housing Market
- Shipment
- Furniture Leasing
- Driving in Japan
- Shopping and Leisure Facilities
- Medical Resources
- Etiquette and Cultural Information
- Clubs (Tokyo American Club, Yokohama Country and Athletic Club, other health clubs/fitness club facilities, etc.)

Orientation Tour
- 1 to 2 hours with a Tokyo Orientations Consultant
- Consists of an accompanied tour of representative expatriate communities, supermarkets, clubs, a furniture lease store, or other requests of the potential assignee
- Accompanying on school visits (additional 5 hours with a Field Consultant)

Introduction to Japanese Housing
Viewing of representative housing appropriate to potential assignee's budget and requirements with one real estate agent