Coming to japan


To provide the assignee/family with assistance in selecting housing and schools; to assure full access to the housing market and contact with reputable realtors; to inform and enlighten as to community resources; to identify specific needs and provide practical solutions.

General Orientation
- Up to 2 hours with a Tokyo Orientations Consultant at the assignee's hotel. Consists of the presentation of our Information Kit, addressing questions and concerns, and providing information on:
- Introduction on Japan and Tokyo (arrival city)
- Transportation, Mapping out the City, Subways, Buses
- School Options
- Neighborhoods (pros and cons of various areas for Expatriates)
- The Housing Market
- Home Finding Checklist
- Working with the Realtor
- Lessee's Rights and Responsibilities
- Shipment
- Furniture Leasing
- Official Procedures (Residence Registration, Bank Account Opening, etc.)
- Driving in Japan
- Shopping and Leisure Facilities
- Medical Resources
- Etiquette and Cultural Information
- Clubs (Tokyo American Club, Yokohama Country and Athletic Club, other health clubs/fitness club facilities, etc.)

Orientation Tour
- Up to 2 hours with a Tokyo Orientations Consultant. Tour may vary depending on assignee's needs.
- Walking tour of popular expatriate neighborhoods
- Visiting Western and Japanese-style supermarkets
- Identification of shopping facilities and recreational resources
- Housing options
- Use of public transportation
- Accompanying assignee to furniture store appointments
- Accompany assignee to school appointments and interviews

School Visit (up to 8 hours with Tokyo Orientations Consultant)
- Information on schools
- Information on school bus routes
- Schedule school visits

Furniture Lease
- Introduction to reputable vendors
- Assistance with furniture leases
- Coordinate delivery of temporary lease furniture
- Coordinate return of temporary lease furniture
*Tokyo Orientations will also liaise with the designated mover to arrange shipment delivery.

House Hunting
- Contact realtors approved by Human Resources and schedule housing appointments
- Review floor plans for suitability
- Liaise with realtors and assignee during home finding process
- Oversee application process

Housing Lease
- Negotiate terms of lease
- Review housing lease contents (comparing Japanese and English versions) to ensure compliance with company requirements and the assignee's requests
- Receive draft lease, monitor final execution of originals, and oversee transfer of funds
- Assist with utilities and technology concerns (telephone, internet, TV services)

Lease Start Inspection (Up to 2 hours with a Tokyo Orientations Consultant)
- Coordinate and perform "Lease start inspection"
- Maintain written record of property condition