Coming to japan

After Arrival

To provide the assignee/family with the information necessary to make full use of the neighborhood and community resources and the practical skills necessary to transcend language and cultural barriers. This program includes assistance with official procedures and banking arrangements; and assistance in setting up the home.

General Orientation
- Up to 2 hours with a Tokyo Orientations Consultant at the assignee's home. Consists of a review of the contents of the Information Kit and provide information on:
- Medical and Emergency Service
- Neighborhood Overview (including shopping places, post office, etc)
- Public Transportation (review commutes to work, school, shopping and recreational venues)
- Preparation for natural disaster (earthquakes and typhoons)
- Local Government Procedures (Residence Registration)
- Personal Administration (such as banking and insurance)
- Child Care
- Purchasing of furniture and appliances
- Driver's License Conversion
- Automobile Leasing/Purchase
- Renter's Insurance
- Recreational Facilities for Adults and Children
- Japanese Language Resources
- Matters of specific interest to the assignee/family
- Neighborhood Orientation Tour (up to 3 hours with Tokyo Orientations Consultant)
- Walking tour of assignee's immediate neighborhood (designed to instill awareness of resources within walking distance from home)
- "How-to" instructions at the post office, dry cleaners, DVD rental store and supermarket
- Identification of local shops, restaurants and recreational facilities
- How to cope with the language barrier and get things done
- Assist in obtaining household appliances and necessities

Local Documents and Banking (up to 5 hours with Tokyo Orientations Consultant)
- Assist with Residence registration
- Assist with establishing a local bank account
- Assistance with purchasing local mobile phone

Consultation and Support
Ongoing telephone/email support for the Human Resources Department