Where are popular places for expats to live in Kansai?

Sannomiya and Kitano are the most popular areas for expats to live. They are located in the center of Kobe city, where there are lots of department stores, boutiques, bars, and good restaurants. The Kobe Regatta and Athletic club and Kobe International House are located in the Sannomiya area. St Michael’s International School, the Kobe Club, and Kobe Grocers are also located in the Kitano area.

Shioya is one of the oldest residential areas in the city and is also popular among foreign residents. There is a foreign residential area in Shioya which is located on a hill with a view of Osaka bay. There is also an exclusive residential block called James Yama which is surrounded by shady trees and greenery. The Shioya Country club is located in the Shioya area, and The St George Academy Pre-school is located in James Yama.

Rokko Island, a man-made island with total area of only 580ha is a large community for foreigners. It is a popular living place for North Americans and Europeans since the German European School, the Norwegian school, and the Canadian Academy are all located there. FBC, Price Club, the Community House, Information Center (CHIC), and the Entente Fitness center can also be found there.