Where are good places for walking and running in Tokyo?

It is nice to run or walk in parks or by the rivers in Tokyo.
Here are some of the nicest places for walking and running.

 The Imperial Palace
Perhaps the most famous and frequently visited running circuit in Tokyo since it is easy to access.The route around the Imperial Palace is about 5 kilometers (3miles).
Stations: Tokyu Metro Otemachi, Hibiya, or Takebashi station.

 Akasaka Palace
The Palace itself is over one hundred years old and was built to house the Crown Prince of Japan and other royal family members.
The Akasaka Palace circuit goes all the way around the perimeter of the grounds covering a distance of over 3 kilometers (2 miles) and is accessible from a number of stations,

 Meguro River
Meguro River runs not far from Yamanote Line stations Meguro, Gotanda, and Osaki or Nakameguro station on the Tokyu toyoko/Hibiya Line.
Trendy shopping areas, buzzing izakayas (taverns), and aromatic cafes make this a great evening destination to cap things off after a good run.
Approximately 4 kilometers (2.5miles) long and goes past 25 bridges.
Stations: Ikejiri Ohashi Station on the Denentoshi Line

 Komazawa Park
A running track inside the park is conveniently covered with distance markers so you can gauge your progress. With lots of greenery, Komazawa Park is an excellent place to get in a short run around the loop which is about 2.1 kilometers. (1.5miles)
Stations: Tokyu Denentoshi Line, Komazawa Daigaku (3 stations from Shibuya station)