What kinds of TV channels are available and how much do they cost?

In the basic package for cable television, you will usually receive a variety of sports channels, movie channels, music programs, and news channels including BBC and CNN. The fees for the above would be for membership, cable tuner, and the monthly charge. For an additional monthly charge, movie channels broadcasting newer foreign movies are available. If a cable line must be installed in the apartment from the street, there is a one-time fee of about ¥40,000. Some landlords will pay for this; others require that the tenant covers the fee.

For Sky Perfect TV, the selection of English stations is the most extensive in Tokyo. Again there are various packages of channels available.

A pay-per-view system for special movies and sports programs is also available. The costs for satellite TV services involve purchasing or renting a satellite dish and special digital tuner, installation costs, and the monthly subscription fee based on the stations you have selected. The average fee for the dish, tuner and installation by a local electrician is around 50,000yen for detached house, 10,000yen for an apartment.