What kind of disasters may occur in Japan?

Japan has a geography that is vulnerable to disasters. In particular, there are disasters like earthquakes, typhoons and tsunami.

It is very important to be prepared for these disasters even if you live in urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka.

You may be familiar especially with the earthquake and the tsunami that recently occurred in the Tohoku area in the northeast. There are four important things you should keep in mind.

  1. Have an emergency kit ready at home. Prepare a bag which includes a sufficient amount of canned food, water, first aid supplies, flash lights, radio, batteries, warm clothing, some cash, dictionary, etc.
  2. Set rules with family/friends how to contact to each other when these disasters occur. Please keep in mind that the signals for mobile phones will be extremely weak for a while.
  3. Check with the ward office for the evacuation points.
  4. When the quake happens try to stay calm.

When you are outside, move to an open area. When you are inside, do not rush outside, and remember to turn off the gas. Protect your head and open doors for escaping as doors can become jammed if the building structure shifts at all.

Also, it is very important to register yourself at your country’s Embassy/Consulate.
Embassies not only represent the government, coordinating trade, investments, tourism, and foreign relations, but they help the citizens of their country in case there are any disasters in Japan.
During a natural disaster, political upheaval, or other emergency, consular officers assist their citizens with transportation, evacuation, and try to keep them safe.
Registration is free, information is kept confidential, and some embassies have an online system and provide an e-mail magazine.
We recommend calling them or visiting their offices for further information.