Our Staff

At Tokyo Orientations, we have 2 groups of staff who will assist clients when providing services. Client Relations Managers often conduct their duties in the office, whereas the Field Consultants are mainly outside providing accompanied assistance to clients.

We currently have 5 office staffs and 11 field consultants. Our consultants reside in different areas of Japan - Tokyo, Yokohama, Kansai, Okinawa, and more. This unique structure allows flexibility to serve clients across Japan, even on national holidays or weekends.

Meet the Tokyo Orientations Team

Please refer to the below profiles and learn more about our staffs.

Ken Arbour


Ken is Canadian and came to Japan over 30 years ago with the Canadian Forest Industry, and after endeavors in management consulting, came to his current career assisting expatriate relocation to Japan. As a long term resident of Japan he has grown to love his adopted country and hopes to give others who come here the understanding and enjoyment of Japan that he has experienced for so long. His past education includes a degree in Asian History from McGill University and a Masters in Community and Regional Planning from the University of British Columbia.

Mikiko Nakayama

Head of Operations/Senior Client Relations Manager

Mikiko was born in Japan and spent the years between age 1-9 in Europe and US as a daughter of an expatriate. She has spent most of her career working in Tokyo, working for a nationwide hotel chain in the early years of her career and then working for both a Japanese and Global relocation firm. She has also spent 4 years in Hong Kong working in sales for a European Manufacturing company.

Tomomi Kitazawa

Client Relations Manager

Tomomi was born in Japan and spent total 10 years abroad in Seattle, Finland, and Greece. She has also worked in Hawaii for 2 years after graduating the university in Japan. From this experience of living abroad from early childhood, she has knowledge of multi-national cultures and customs. It is her first time to be in the relocation company, and hoping that her native Japanese and English will support many clients. She loves traveling, snowboarding, listening to music, and nail art.

Hidenao Ono

Client Relations Manager

Hidenao was born in Kawasaki and spent 6 years in Germany in his teens. After graduating the university in Japan, he started off teaching English at a prep-school. He then moved on to the next career in the field of real estate, serving as a property manager for over 10 years. He is a great fan of heavy rock and loves to play the electric guitars.

Noriko Furuyama

Client Relations Manager Assistant

Noriko was born in Fukushima, Japan. She has spent 13 years in California, US. She worked at an international preschool for 10 years where she has encountered many families with different cultural backgrounds. She loves to eat and likes to try new restaurants and cafes during weekends.

Tomoe Tatsukawa


Tatsukawa-san grew up near the Japan seaside city of Kanazawa. She has worked in the field of accounting for 9 years. She speaks English and Spanish. Previously she worked for an international airline carrier.

Etsuko Nakamura


Etsuko was born in Japan but lived and worked in the US for 12 years. She moved to Tokyo for the first time on an overseas assignment with an American firm. She has worked in both the US and Japan as a cross-cultural liaison in business environments for over 15 years.

Sanae Nunokawa


Sanae has lived in England, the United States and Monaco and has a great deal of experience as an expatriate spouse. She has a daughter who is attending international school in Tokyo. Sanae enjoys traveling and has visited 25 countries so far.

Mieko Ward


Mieko has been a Tokyo Orientations field consultant since 1994. She is originally from Kobe, Japan and worked for an airline company before moving to the US. She worked in the Foreign Language Department of a US university as a liaison for its exchange program with a Japanese school. Mieko has relocated abroad and in Japan several times with her family and is happy to offer advice on various issues that expatriate families face.

Yoshie Horii


Yoshie was born and raised in Kobe. As an expatriate spouse, she raised 3 children in various cultures: Toronto and Montreal, Canada; Jakarta, Indonesia and New Jersey, USA. Yoshie is happy to support expatriates and their families in any way. During her free time, she enjoys acrylic painting.

Yoko Smith


Yoko lives on Mount Hiei just outside of Kyoto. She is married to a Canadian and they have one daughter attending university in Japan. For many years, Yoko was manager of an English language school in Kyoto. Presently, she is helping out at a volunteer center near the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Not Pictured:

Aki Harada, Consultant
Jennie Mooney, Consultant
Tamaki Okumura, Consultant
Koichi Yamada, Consultant
Suzuka Bennett, Consultant
Miwa Annis, Consultant